Comedy Gold: Must-Listen Funniest Black Podcasts

A Woman from one of the Funniest Black Podcasts

Check out these podcasts where laughter knows no bounds! This curated list of the funniest Black podcasts includes gut-busting laughs and heartwarming conversation. We have searched the digital space to bring you this list of comedy gems to keep you entertained as you drive, work, or play.

Why Won’t You Date Me? with Nicole Byer

Nicole Byer, comedian and host of “Why Won’t You Date Me?” invites listeners to join her on a journey through her life. Nicole shares stories about her dating adventures, love life, and self-esteem with humor and sincerity. She also engages in conversations with guests about relationships and their own personal experiences. The podcast blends humor with vulnerability, giving listeners an authentic and amusing glimpse into Nicole’s quest for love and zest for life.

The 85 South Show

The 85 South Show is truly one of the funniest black podcasts, and it’s brought to life by the talents of DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller, and Chico Bean. This entertaining show combines humor, freestyle rap, and playful roasts to entertain listeners. The trio’s chemistry and off-the-cuff banter create a light atmosphere as they delve into a variety of subjects, from popular culture to personal anecdotes. Fans are drawn to their camaraderie and unscripted approach, making it relatable and uproariously funny.

The Read

Kid Fury and Crissle co-host The Read, which is a captivating podcast that seamlessly combines discussions on pop culture, race, mental health, and LGBTQ+ topics. Their honest and frequently amusing viewpoints effortlessly navigate through events, viral moments, and celebrity blunders. The podcast strikes a balance between delivering entertainment and inspiring meaningful contemplation on important social and cultural issues.

The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast

With a name like that, you’re off to a good start in becoming one of the funniest black podcasts. The Black Guy Who Tips is an entertaining talk show hosted by Rod and Karen Morrow. They cover a range of subjects, such as race, politics, and pop culture. With their banter and insightful commentary, they create a welcoming atmosphere that invites listeners to join in on their lively, unfiltered conversations.

Sibling Rivalry

Bob The Drag Queen and Monét X Change are known drag queens and entertainers who co-host the podcast Sibling Rivalry. On the show, they engage in banter while showcasing their sisterhood. They dive into debates and provide behind-the-scenes insights into the world of drag, covering a range of topics from their personal experiences to critical social issues. Their dynamic relationship brings a mix of humor and heartfelt moments, giving fans a glimpse into their vibrant lives and unique perspectives.

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