Comedy’s Next Generation: 7 Hilarious Young Black Comedians You Need to Know

one of the young black comedians

The comedy scene is one of many that are full of young Black talent. Some of these people have a stellar resume of making people laugh, but not all of them get the exposure that they deserve. Here are seven young Black comedians who are making splashes that you need to know, whether it’s on the stand-up stage, in the movies, or on your TV screen.

Kam Patterson

If you follow the stand-up comedy scene, then it’s likely you’ve come across Kam Patterson. He became an overnight success when some clips of his routine went viral on social media. Since then, he’s scored a permanent spot on the Kill Tony show and booked a bunch of shows everywhere in the country. His style can be irreverent and off-the-wall, but his observations and personality are unique and breathe life into the stand-up world.

Josh Johnson

New-York-based comedian Josh Johnson has a style and cadence that is reminiscent of early Donald Glover that he has made completely his own. With a slow burn and an even keel, you never know when a punchline is around the corner.

Quinta Brunson

In a break from the stand-up world, Quinta Brunson is a comedic actor who appears on the hit show Abbott Elementary. Her place on this list is earned due to both on-screen and off-screen hilarity. She plays the role of a hopeful young teacher at an inner-city Philadelphia school, and she plays it well. Opposite a cast of other comedically talented actors, Brunson stands out as the centerpiece.

Jaboukie Young-White

There are a few ways that you may have been introduced to Jaboukie Young-White’s work if you are familiar. He has been a correspondent on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. He does stand-up comedy. He’s a writer for the long-running Netflix show Big Mouth. His credits go one. The one thing that is the same with all of them is that Jaboukie Young-White knows how to make people laugh.

Jamel Johnson

Jamel Johnson claims that his comedy is “pretty good in (his) opinion.” His appearance on this list proves that to be true. He has a hard-hitting style that keeps going throughout most of his set. If you go to a show, prepare for your stomach and face to hurt from laughter. Don’t let that keep you from going, though. His stage presence is commanding and goofy. He doesn’t shy away from getting risque, so maybe find a babysitter for the night if you’ve got kids.


There’s a super small chance you don’t know who Druski is, but he belongs on this list. Druski does it all. From online sketch comedy to having cameos in music videos and everything in between, he’s there. His delivery and style have garnered him over 6 million Instagram followers, and that number grows every day.

Kenice Mobley

Kenice Mobley does a mix of online and stand-up comedy – and she does both very well. She’s been featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. She’s part of the Creators Program on Comedy Central. She was one of the comedians at the Netflix is a Joke Festival. Her sets are engaging and hilarious, and she is worth looking up.

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