Empowering Voices: Top 10 Black Female YouTubers to Watch in 2023

black female youtuber

Check out these empowering voices of Black female YouTubers. As they share about beauty, fashion, and life, they captivate audiences with their strength, beauty, and transformative impact.

Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina uses her platform to share makeup tips and celebrate Black women, especially darker Black women. With over 2 million YouTube subscribers, she is an empowering voice and the NCAA YouTuber of the Year Award winner. She battles racial bias in the beauty industry, using her influence to encourage brands to acknowledge and serve all skin tones. Jackie is known for creating a safe space where viewers feel comfortable learning about makeup that best suits their unique beauty.

Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright is a London-based Black female YouTuber and influencer sharing a vibrant blend of content, including fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and topics like finance and motherhood. She is inspirational, sharing practical advice and relatable insights about life.

Nyma Tang

Nyma Tang promotes inclusivity in beauty through her notable series “The Darkest Shade.” She is a strong, influential voice redefining beauty and empowering Black women to look and feel their best.

Alissa Ashley

In addition to beauty tutorials, Alissa Ashley is a vocal supporter and facilitator of mental health conversations. She is an empowering voice breaking down stigmas and promoting inclusive beauty. With Alissa, creativity and mental well-being are presented in a nurturing, supportive viewer environment.


Raye Boyce, otherwise known as ItsMyRayeRaye, shares a variety of content, including beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. As a Black female Youtuber, her channel is a hub of relatable positivity and creativity for women and people of color. She is known for sharing real-life experiences and tips about motherhood and mental health. She keeps her content centered on the everyday lives of her followers with affordable makeup tips, DIY home decor, and other practical tips.

Karen BritChick

Karen Blanchard, or as her fans know her, Karen BritChick, shares makeup and fashion trends on her YouTube channel. She is a fresh, empowering voice for Black women. In addition to fashion and beauty, Karen shares life hacks to empower her followers with practical tips to live their best lives.


Shayla Mitchell runs her YouTube channel, Makeupshayla. The focus of her channel is Black beauty. She shares her personal journey and experience with beauty products. She blends beauty and confidence, encouraging viewers to embrace their authentic selves with her straightforward approach and product reviews.

Shameless Maya

Shameless Maya appeals to women of all ages as Maya Washington invites viewers into a world where she is shamelessly herself. She shares creative, eclectic content, from personal vlogs to tech tips. Maya encourages viewers to go after their dreams fearlessly and embrace the act of shameless self-promotion along the way.

Notorious KIA

Kia Marie is a stylist sharing a different side of the beauty industry on her YouTube channel, Notorious KIA. As a Black influencer, she takes her followers on a fashion journey through thrift fashion finds and new products. She always offers an honest review and spices things up, sharing her dating experiences, hair and skin journey, and more—she emperors viewers to adopt style recycling, embracing sustainable fashion while exploring their personal style.

The Glam Twinz

Two of the most unique Black female youtubers include identical twin sisters Kelsey and Kendra Murrell run their YouTube channel, The Glam Twinz. They talk about everything about beauty, from hair and makeup to fashion. They have a significant emphasis on natural hair care, empowering Black women to embrace care for their natural curls. The Twinz shares step-by-step tutorials, product reviews, and more about a healthy hair journey.

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