From Comedy Skits to Thoughtful Vlogs: Black YouTubers You Must Subscribe To

Two black youtubers recording

Black YouTubers offer a unique flair in the online world of family vlogs, comedy content, and more. So we wanted to curate the following list to help you discover your next favorite Black Youtuber and add some joy to your life!

This must-watch list includes comedy content, family, and beauty influencers. YouTube content creators often have thoughtful vlogs along the way, regardless of their channel genre. So you will surely find entertaining, inspiring content to enjoy as you go through the list!

Black Comedians

Deji (ComedyShortsGamer)

Deji captivates his viewers with entertaining content, including pranks and engaging comedy sketches. His charming personality and quick wit have earned him a fan base, establishing him as a figure in the world of YouTube comedy. Dejis videos are filled with laughter. He often showcases his family members, like his brother KSI, which adds a personal touch to his comedic style.

Matt Smith (DangMattSmith)

Matt Smith, also known as DangMattSmith, is a beloved entertainer who brings laughter and happiness through his comedic sketches and amusing reaction videos. He creates content that revolves around situations, popular internet trends, and funny observations, which has effectively connected with a diverse range of viewers. Matts’s lively presentation style and authentic personality make his channel a top choice for anyone who needs a laugh.

Black Family Vloggers

The Daily Davidsons

The Daily Davidsons warmly welcome viewers into their world, offering a glimpse into the joys and trials of raising a family. Their vlogs blend moments, affection, and enjoyment, showcasing a vibrant portrayal of Black family life. This family blog channel fosters connections with its audience, forming a nurturing online community.

That Chick Angel TV

Angel shares her experiences as a mom, wife, and entertainer. Her videos are brimming with laughter, affection, and that ever-elusive, coveted creative element all online creators want to have—authenticity. She captures moments of parenthood and family dynamics, sharing them in a way her audience can easily relate to. Angel’s relatable content and magnetic charm have endeared her channel to viewers, fostering a sense of kinship and connection within the online community.

Black Beauty Influencers

Nyma Tang

Nyma Tang is an influential figure in the beauty industry due to her emphasis on inclusivity for individuals with darker skin tones. One of her known contributions is her series called “The Darkest Shade,” where she gives honest reviews of the shades offered by different makeup brands. Her honest, first-hand reviews further emphasize the significance of including diverse shades. Nyma’s videos receive millions of views and likes, establishing her as a powerful voice for Black people seeking inclusive beauty products.

Shalom Blac

Shalom Blac courageously shares her journey and offers valuable beauty advice to empower others. Shalom is a survivor of burn injuries and uses her platform to promote self-acceptance and strength, providing tutorials about enhancing individual, natural beauty. Her incredible makeup techniques and uplifting messages have resonated with people, making her an incredible source of inspiration.

Supporting Black YouTubers

Supporting Black Youtubers helps amplify Black voices. The more you watch, hit like, and subscribe, the more the algorithms will notice, boosting their online visibility. Amplifying Black voices on platforms like YouTube fosters inclusivity and equality by helping bridge the gap in the digital landscape.

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