From Life Lessons to Pop Culture: The Essential Black Women Podcasts of Our Time

A black woman in the making of one of the many black women podcasts

Who doesn’t love listening to some amazing podcasts created by talented Black women to get through the day? Whether you’re looking for insightful life lessons or discussions of all things pop culture, there are plenty of Black women podcasts out there for you to get into.

But with the massive market of podcasts available today, you might struggle to find the best Black women podcasts out there. To help you out, we’ve gathered a list of our favorite Black women podcasts that you can tune into today!

1. Black Girl Podcast

Starting our list of the best Black women podcasts is the iconic “Black Girl Podcast,” created by the minds of Scottie Beam, Gia Peppers, Sapphira, Bex, and Alysha P. These five friends unite to share authentic conversations about important topics and issues, ranging from pop culture discussions to their daily lives as Black women.

The “Black Girl Podcast” team knows how to go from hilarious to heartfelt effortlessly, making this show incredibly enjoyable and engaging for all audiences. The series ended in 2021, and while we’re missing our favorite girls, there’s one upside: you can binge-listen to all of their episodes now!

2. The Nod

Hosted by Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings, “The Nod” had one mission: telling the stories of Black life that no one else will tell. Ending in 2021, “The Nod” is still worth listening to for its authentic and honest portrayal of Black life and culture. Luse and Eddings celebrate Black lives and stories while diving into subjects other podcasts shy away from, which made “The Nod” a truly unique listening experience.

From discussing how purple drink became associated with Black culture to stories of interracial drag troupes, “The Nod” had it all – and you won’t want to miss a second of what this show brought to the table. They’re evergreen and always worth listening to, so go checkout “The Nod” while you still can.

3. Well-Read Black Girl

Hosted by Glory Edim, “Well-Read Black Girl” takes listeners on a journey based on Edim’s popular book club and festival of the same name. During each episode of this podcast, Edim talks with Black authors to discuss their literary contributions, lives, and experiences as Black people.

With guests ranging from Gabrielle Union to Anita Hill, “Well-Read Black Girl” is always an interesting listen and especially fascinating to fans of all things literature. So kick back, relax with a good book and an even better podcast, and enjoy!

4. The Undressing Room

Presented by Macy’s and hosted by Black female hosts Eva Marcille, Dominique da Diva, and Lore’l, “The Undressing Room” is an exciting deep dive into pop culture, celebrities, fashion, and beauty! These three women bring their endearing and unique personalities to the table for a podcast that’s effortlessly entertaining and always relevant!

A self-proclaimed “meeting in the ladies’ room,” “The Undressing Room” has everything you could hope to find in your favorite Black women podcasts. So pop in some headphones and enjoy all the fun these women bring each episode!

5. Back Issue

Rounding out the list of our favorite Black women podcasts is “Back Issue,” hosted by Tracy Clayton and Josh Gwynn. This podcast takes time to reminisce on iconic moments in pop culture that we’re still obsessing over today and is jam-packed with engaging guests to make every episode as exciting as the last!

If you’re interested in pop culture, “Back Issue” is one of the best podcasts for you. The dynamic hosting duo gives it their all every episode, making for one of the most enjoyable podcast experiences out there – and one you’ll instantly fall head over heels for!

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