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If you’re like most people, you love kicking back and putting on your favorite YouTubers to pass the time. In a world where Black entertainment is becoming increasingly important to modern audiences, unfortunately, finding the best Black YouTubers to subscribe to can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

But if you’re looking for the top Black YouTubers to subscribe to today, then you’re in luck. Today we’ll explore the top Black YouTubers changing the game with their unique content, creativity, and perspectives. Let’s dive in!

Todrick Hall – 3.6M Subscribers

Starting our list of Black YouTubers is a name you might recognize outside of his YouTuber influence. A well-known singer, choreographer, and entertainer, Todrick Hall’s rise to fame started with his humble origins as a YouTube celebrity.

Music fans will love Hall’s channel for its range of musical talent, from official music videos to stunning choreography lessons and casual videos on his daily life. One thing we love about Hall is that he never shies from letting his personality shine – there’s plenty of love to go around!

With 3.59 million subscribers and over 700 videos posted weekly or monthly, Hall shows no sign of slowing down soon. So, if you love music and haven’t explored Hall’s shining talent yet, now’s the time!

JJ Olatunji “KSI” – 16.4M Subscribers

JJ Olatunji, known by his fans as KSI, is one of the biggest Black YouTubers dominating the modern YouTube landscape. The British entertainer is known for his rapping but also stands out as a filmmaker, actor, and amateur boxer, all facets of his life featured on his YouTube channel!

From hilarious “try not to laugh” videos to music videos and updates on the rapper’s daily life, viewers will find the variety they’re looking for from a YouTuber on JJ’s channel. His main channel boasts an impressive 16.3 million subscribers, but his KSI music channel is even more shocking, with a massive 24.1 million subscribers. He’s also a member of the comedy and gameplay channel The Sidemen, which has a significant following of 20.7 million subscribers.

No matter your entertainment preferences, you’ll love the fresh and exciting content JJ posts regularly – so start subscribing!

Marques Brownlee – 18.1M Subscribers

Music and filmmaking aren’t the only topics you’ll find across the diverse range of Black YouTubers. If you’re looking for a YouTuber who can help you understand complicated technology, you’ll love our next entry.

Marques Brownlee, known as MKBHD, uses his channel to showcase his skills as a tech expert, providing everything from reviews on the latest technology to answering his audience’s top questions about their tech devices.

Brownlee is especially inspiring for his success in the tech landscape, which often struggles to showcase diversity. This tech guru has everything you need to master the ever-changing technology world – and his 18.1 million subscribers can attest to his knowledge!

Patricia Bright – 2.8M Subscribers

Fashion and beauty YouTubers are a prized part of the YouTube community, and Black creators like Patricia Bright are showing the potential for Black YouTubers to thrive in this realm! Patricia Bright offers everything from fashion to hair tutorials, makeup tips, and life advice, making her a well-rounded channel for all your beauty and lifestyle needs!

Patricia effortlessly combines beauty and brains with her side channel, The Break, where she combines life advice with financial guidance learned while working in investment banking. While her side channel boasts an impressive 473,000 subscribers, her main channel is even more successful, with the creator maintaining over 2.79 million subscribers!

GloZell Green – 4.5M Subscribers

No Black YouTuber list is complete without mentioning the hilarious and endearing GloZell Green, who’s been making waves on the platform since 2008. While you might know her for her viral cinnamon challenge video, GloZell has plenty more to offer regarding entertaining and exciting content.

Beyond her comedic genius, GloZell uses her YouTube channel to discuss important, modern issues like body positivity and social justice, meaning she has something to offer for pretty much anyone browsing YouTube.

GloZell has a significant following of 4.57 million subscribers, but we think it should be higher than this – so if you haven’t already, now is the time to subscribe!

Cory Williams – 17.8M Subscribers

Another star making a name for Black YouTubers everywhere is Cory Williams, also known by his channel, CoryxKenshin. This content creator is mostly known for his gaming content and is easily one of the most entertaining gamers on the platform. His comedic genius has also helped skyrocket Cory to fame.

Williams has an impressive following of 17.8 million subscribers and over 1.6 thousand videos, providing top entertainment for anyone who enjoys gaming content. Williams has been on YouTube for more than 14 years, and his years of experience shine through in all of his videos – so you can guarantee there’s never a dull moment with this YouTuber!

Nyma Tang – 1.34M Subscribers

Looking for a Black YouTuber who is as equally entertaining as they are inspiring? Look no further than Nyma Tang. With 1.34 million subscribers, Nyma Tang promotes inclusivity in all her videos, often focusing on beauty and makeup for women with darker skin tones – almost unheard of in the beauty world.

Tang’s notable videos include her “The Darkest Shade” YouTube series, where the YouTuber tests different makeup shades tailored to darker skin tones. Beyond the diversity Tang promotes in all her content, she’s also notable for her self-help videos focusing on overcoming trauma and embracing healing. No matter your tastes, you’ll love Tang’s authentic approach to her audience.

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