Voices of Faith: Top 10 Black Preachers on YouTube That You Must Subscribe To

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Taking time out of your day to put on a classic sermon on YouTube is a meaningful way to connect with your religious beliefs and focus on your faith. But of course, knowing which Black preachers on YouTube are worthy of subscribing to is important so that you can be assured you’re hearing the message that’s right for you.

But with the thousands of sermons out there and the many preachers across the internet, you might struggle to find the ones you can really connect with on a meaningful level. If this is your situation, we’re here to help you out. Here are our top 10 Black preachers on YouTube that you can listen to today to get the spiritual word you’re looking for.

1. Pastor Michael Todd

Posted by the Transformation Church YouTube channel, videos from Pastor Michael Todd are easily some of the most popular in terms of Black preachers on YouTube. His inspiring and mesmerizing sermons are an excellent way to connect with your faith, understand the Lord’s calling, and celebrate His glory.

What we love most about Pastor Michael Todd is the bundles of energy he brings to his sermons. No matter the subject, you can guarantee that Michael Todd approaches it thoughtfully, powerfully, and energetically to truly engage the audience. His energy makes for an incredibly memorable and effective sermon – one you should watch if you haven’t.

2. Reverend Terry K. Anderson

Another excellent voice in the community of Black preachers on YouTube is Terry K. Anderson. Posted by Lilly Grove Missionary Baptist Church, videos from Terry K. Anderson inspire us to go about our days preaching God’s name, and we have a feeling they’ll have a similar effect on you.

The Church live streams masses on Sunday mornings with Terry K. Anderson while posting shorter snippets of the Reverend’s work, giving you plenty of opportunities to engage in Anderson’s content. We love Terry K. Anderson for his unyielding faith, breadth of knowledge, and admirable conviction in the Lord, and it’s no wonder his sermons are popular with many.

3. Keion Henderson

Keion Henderson is another preacher on YouTube we’ve been looking to for our daily sermons. His sermons, posted by the Keion Henderson TV and the Lighthouse Church of Houston account, are some of the most interesting. His self-proclaimed goal is to pioneer Christian, inspirational, and innovation-based television – and when you take a quick look into his work, it’s obvious that Keion Henderson is succeeding.

What makes Keion Henderson stand out is his commitment to acceptance and action. Keion doesn’t merely practice the Christian faith – he lives and breathes it, and you can feel his utter passion in every word he preaches. One of our recent favorites is his sermon, which reminds us that better days are coming, giving us light and hope in difficult times.

4. Dr. Tony Evans

Recently, we’ve been getting into sermons from Dr. Tony Evans on YouTube, which can all be found on the official Tony Evans YouTube account. One of the things we love most about Tony Evans is the variety you’ll find on his channel – there’s something for everyone here! Whether you’re looking for a long sermon or something short, simple, and to the point, it’s on Tony Evans’s channel.

Something else we love about Dr. Tony Evans is how hopeful and powerful his sermons are. His preaching never loses its energy or devotion, and he speaks on issues that affect us daily to illuminate how God is always present. When you venture into his sermons, you’ll leave feeling light, inspired, and hopeful.

5. Robert Smith Jr.

One of our favorite Black preachers on YouTube today is Robert Smith Jr., whose sermons you can find on various accounts but which are most often posted to the Southeastern Seminary YouTube channel. Robert Smith Jr.’s full-length sermons endlessly inspire us, and you can feel his passion with every word he preaches.

Robert Smith Jr. is a unique preacher for several reasons, and many of his sermons might be considered more contained and gentler than other preachers on this list – but they quickly pick up the pace for a powerful, awe-inspiring sermon you won’t soon forget. We haven’t been able to stop listening since we first discovered the preacher, and his inspiring messages on God’s power will surely make you feel the same.

6. H.B. Charles Jr.

If you’re looking for a Black preacher on YouTube who you can truly binge-watch, look no further than the YouTube channel of H.B. Charles Jr. H.B. Charles Jr. is a pastor of the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church in Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida, whose powerful message of love for the Lord inspires us every single day.

One thing we’ve enjoyed about H.B. Charles Jr.’s sermons is their frequency – the preacher sometimes posts daily or even more often than that, meaning there’s plenty of new content for you to consume. His dedication to his faith is truly inspiring, and we feel lucky to listen to his many amazing sermons whenever we want!

7. C.L. Franklin

Who says you can only listen to current ministers’ sermons on YouTube? The beauty of the internet is that we can travel back in time to appreciate some of our all-time favorite preachers – like the many beautiful sermons from the late C.L. Franklin, a minister and civil rights activist who passed away in 1984.

The pastor of the New Bethel Baptist Church in Detroit, C.L. Franklin is iconic to this day for his awe-inspiring sermons, admirable conviction in his faith, and unyielding fight for equal rights for Black people. You can check out a playlist of some of his most powerful sermons today!

8. Dr. James Cone

Another preacher you can turn to for a blast from the past is Dr. James Cone, who sadly passed away in 2018 – but whose sermons remain strong on YouTube. This theologian was a strong advocate for Black liberation theology, and his powerful words still touch our souls today.

Cone’s sermons often tackled hefty subjects that many other preachers struggle to address, such as his “The Cross and the Lynching Tree” sermon, which tackles the subject of Christian theology, racism, and fighting against prejudices in religious communities. He’s undoubtedly a memorable figure for Black preachers everywhere and one we’ll continue to love no matter what.

9. Dr. Howard-John Wesley

You can find plenty of inspiring sermons from Reverand Dr. Howard-John Wesley, Pastor at the Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria, Virginia. One thing we love about listening to this Pastor’s sermons is that there’s plenty to listen to, with many of the videos on the Alfred Street Baptist Church YouTube channel exceeding two hours. If you’re a fan of long content and want something to listen to throughout your day while praising God, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in Dr. Howard-John Wesley.

We also love the life and vitality Dr. Howard-John Wesley brings to all his sermons. Even when you’re watching at home, you can’t help but stand up and celebrate with the Pastor, showing his true power and awe-inspiring ability to connect with his audience in sharing God’s love.

10. E.K. Bailey

If you’re a fan of the other entries on this list who are no longer with us but whose work has been chronicled for all on YouTube, check out E.K. Bailey, who passed away in 2003 but whose sermons remain as powerful now as they were back in the day. Founder of the Concord Missionary Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas, E.K. Bailey was committed to living and breathing God’s word through powerful, touching sermons and dedication to his church.

E.K. Bailey’s sermons go beyond the preacher himself – you can also find sermons, hymns, and praise on the E.K. Bailey Preaching Conference YouTube channel, which carries on the Pastor’s legacy to continue celebrating the Lord as he loved to.

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