Some of the Worst Black movies on Tubi Right Now

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While we all love sitting back with a fun movie, let’s face it: not every movie turns out as we expected. Though many Tubi Black movies are fun and satisfying, there are a number of films on the platform that we tried watching – and struggled to get through.

From tiring action to boring thrillers, hilarious dramas to unfunny comedies, Tubi has it all when it comes to bad movies. So, what are some of the worst Black movies on Tubi right now? Here’s our list of some of the top contenders to avoid – or watch if you’re really in the mood to mix things up.

1. “Trap House” (2023)

First on our list of films that missed the mark is 2023’s “Trap House.” Directed by Nicholas Humphries, “Trap House” follows Detective Grant Pierce on a path to avenge his brother’s death. As he hunts down the meth lord responsible for his brother’s demise, Detective Pierce finds himself in a twisted house that resembles a “Saw” trap, filled with devices to maim visitors.

Sound interesting? Unfortunately, the intrigue of this film falls flat beyond its description. The acting in “Trap House” is far from Oscar-worthy, while the writing and dialogue consistently fall short of what you’d hope to see from a movie with such an intriguing premise. While you can tell that Humphries put effort into this project – and though some of the traps succeed in being horrifying – “Trap House” still disappoints in most aspects. Perhaps with a bit more guidance, “Trap House” could have been a fun twist on a classic idea, but as it is, the film only disappoints.

2. “Red Flags” (2022)

Written and directed by Shannon Washington, “Red Flags” follows Christine, a woman who falls head over heels for a man, only to realize that he might be a serial killer. This thriller is a star in the lineup of Tubi black movies and even has a sequel to its name – but we can’t say that it’s very deserving of one. Despite the film’s insistence on Christine’s love for her husband, the acting in “Red Flags” is far from convincing, meaning the central relationship routinely falls short of being engaging.

The biggest red flags in “Red Flags” are the acting and writing, both of which feel pretty amateur compared to some of our favorite movies. There are also a few notable mistakes with the film’s framing and editing, but we’ll let you see those for yourself if you decide to give this movie a try. The bright side is that “Red Flags” is only 80 minutes long, making it a good option if you’re in the mood to watch something from this list but don’t want to spend too much time on a movie you might not enjoy. You might even get a laugh from this movie, though we don’t think that was necessarily intended.

3. “Watch Your Back” (2023)

We’ll admit that “Watch Your Back” is far from the worst film on this list, but we can’t say that it counts as a good movie when all is said and done. Directed by Lisa Brown, “Watch Your Back” follows Kanisha, a stripper in Detroit who makes it her mission to seduce men out of their money to keep her extravagant lifestyle sustainable. At an hour and 14 minutes, “Watch Your Back” is perfect for a short watch and even has some scenes that we enjoyed – but the overall execution still falls short of what we were hoping for when we pressed play.

Like many other titles on this list, one of the biggest issues with “Watch Your Back” is the acting. While Kanisha is an interesting character, other characters pale in comparison and aren’t all too interesting to watch, and most of the actors seem uncertain about how to play their roles. Though you can tell Brown put effort into the creation of “Watch Your Back,” it, unfortunately, fails to pay off in the end, landing the film on our list of one of the worst Tubi black movies.

4. “Single Man Problems: Volume One” (2023)

We’ll give credit where credit is due for this movie, but we can’t say that it’s a great watch at the end of the day. “Single Man Problems: Volume One,” directed by Bobby Ashley and Robert Mccullough, gets points for telling a story that’s often untold. The film follows Ronnie, a self-conscious gay Black man, as he gets caught up in the world of catfishing and tries to understand love while dealing with past trauma. Its story alone got us excited to dive into this film – but beyond its meaningful story and portrayal of a group that film too often ignores, “Single Man Problems: Volume One” fails to impress.

Though we found ourselves sympathizing with, and even enjoying, scenes of Ronnie and some of the more romantic moments in the film, we were too distracted by the poor writing in some scenes and lackluster acting to appreciate the good that this film offers. It’s far from the worst movie on this list, but at the end of the day, “Single Man Problems: Volume One” falls into many of the same potholes as other films on this list: low-quality acting, inconsistent writing and, at times, uncertain directing.

5. “No Disrespect” (2023)

We love a good crime drama over here. Unfortunately, this crime film falls flat compared to what we expect from our favorite crime movies. “No Disrespect” follows Milk, a drug dealer whose life is thrown for a loop when his father, Bull, returns to claim the streets Milk runs after spending a decade and a half in prison. Directed by Miles Triplett, “No Disrespect” has all the ingredients to be an excellent film but routinely falls short of its potential.

As tensions between Milk and Bull rise, you would expect that “No Disrespect” becomes more intriguing, but this is regrettably not the case. What could be a compelling family drama delves too far into ridiculous territory at times, and the film’s most dramatic, action-centered scenes are far from engaging. Though we enjoyed the premise and dynamic between Milk and Bull, we couldn’t overlook the shaky acting and some of the more obviously edited editing – which is a shame because we went into this one with high hopes!

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