The 10 Best Black Love Movies on Netflix

Black Love Movies on Netflix

Whether it’s a wintery Valentine’s Day or a warm, sunny day in July, watching Black Love movies on Netflix can be a relaxing, entertaining, and romantic way to spend an evening, but it is also a way to celebrate the power of Black Love.

Black Love is all about real, resilient love that is rooted in compassion and making sacrifices for each other. During the days of slavery, enslavers attempted to break up nuclear families and destroy love. This was because of the inherent strength and unity that Black Love produces, and this strength can be seen very clearly in the days following the end of slavery as Black families and couples spent years of their lives trying to find and reunite with each other.

To celebrate Black Love and enjoy a romantic movie at the same time, we’ve curated a list of the ten best Black Love movies on Netflix.

Malcolm & Marie

In this 2021 film, distributed by Netflix and directed by Sam Levinson, the only cast members are John David Washington and Zendaya. “Malcolm & Marie” is a unique movie that was shot on 35 mm black-and-white film during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, no more than 12 people were allowed on set at a time.

The story centers around a film director, Malcolm, and his girlfriend, Marie, as they return home from the premiere of his new movie. Tensions boil up as revelations about their relationship come to light, putting their love to the test.

Catching Feelings

“Catching Feelings” is a 2017 dark romantic comedy directed by Kagiso Lediga and also distributed by Netflix. The story of this film is set in Johannesburg, South Africa, and traces the lives of an elegant young academic and his wife. When a popular, hedonistic, older writer moves into their home with them, their lives are shaken up.

Starring Kagiso Lediga, the director, in the lead role of Max, alongside Pearl Thusi as Sam, this movie was filmed on location in South Africa and premiered at the LA Film Festival.

Nappily Ever After

Another Netflix-distributed film, but also Netflix-produced, “Nappily Ever After” tells the story of Violet Jones, played by Sanaa Lathan, a perfectionist ad executive who is known for wearing her hair straight all the time, no matter how much effort or how many burns it gives her. After years of waiting for her boyfriend to propose to her, Violet breaks up with him, and he soon begins dating another woman. This, along with other events in her life, causes Violet to do some self-discovery, and she starts by shaving her head, which has a tremendous impact on her relationships.

Baby Mamas

In this unusual Black Love movie, which focuses on a mother’s love for her child, we follow the story of four baby mamas who go through everyday drama in their relationships. Directed by Stephina Zwane, “Baby Mamas” traces the lives of Toli, Chantel, Sandy, and Joy, who are all single mothers and who work for an insurance company in Johannesburg. Each mama is looking for balance in their lives, and Toli, the leader of the four, has to decide if it’s time to start dating again after meeting her new boss.

Love, Guaranteed

A 2020 release from Netflix, “Love, Guaranteed,” is a romantic comedy directed by Mark Steven Johnson and starring Rachael Leigh Cook and Damon Wayans Jr.

The unique storyline follows a lawyer, Susan, who goes undercover to investigate an online dating site that is being sued by her client, Nick, who claims he has been on nearly 1,000 dates using the site and still has not found love, even though the site guarantees it. As the case goes on, Susan and Nick, who meet because of the lawsuit against the dating site, start to realize the site might have been right.

If Beale Street Could Talk

Based on James Baldwin’s 1974 book of the same name, “If Beale Street Could Talk,” is a 2018 film directed by Barry Jenkins. It stars KiKi Layne, Stephan James, and Regina King. This non-linear Black love story is about a young couple, Fonny and Tish, in the 1970s, who are torn apart when Fonny is arrested for a crime he never committed. Tish, now pregnant, relies on her sister, mother, and future mother-in-law to help her prove Fonny’s innocence.

Think Like A Man

Another movie that was based on a book is the 2012 romantic comedy “Think Like A Man,” which is based on Steve Harvey’s book, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.” Directed by Tim Story and starring Chris Brown, Gabrielle Union, and Kevin Hart, the movie tells the story of four men who discover that their girlfriends have been using Steve Harvey’s relationship advice against them. The men then seek revenge.

The Holiday Calendar

A 2018 Netflix release, “The Holiday Calendar,” is directed by Bradley Walsh and stars Kat Graham, Quincy Brown, and Ethan Peck. This Christmas Black Love movie is about a talented photographer, Abby, who receives an antique Advent calendar from her grandfather. Every day that she opens up the calendar, the thing it reveals takes place in real-life. It seems to be magical, and after she loses it inadvertently at an auction, it shows up again and leads her to true love.

Fatal Affair

On a less upbeat note, “Fatal Affair” is a psychological thriller and 2020 Netflix release directed by Peter Sullivan. With Nia Long, Omar Epps, and Stephen Bishop, this movie tells a story about a wife, Ellie, who is unhappy in her marriage and has a brief affair with an old friend, David. Ellie regrets the affair and tries to mend her marriage but finds that David is far more dangerous than she knew.

Resort to Love

Last on the list, but by no means least, is the 2021 Netflix original movie, “Resort to Love.” Directed by Steven Tsuchida and starring Christina Milian, Tymberlee Hill, and Kayne Lee Harrison, “Resort to Love” is about an aspiring pop star, Erica, who ends up as a singer at an island resort. Unbeknownst to her, this resort is the location for her ex-fiancé’s wedding.

Bonus: “The Table” on BlackOakTV

"The Table", a black love series.

If you enjoyed this list of the top Black Love movies you can watch on Netflix, then we’re sure you’ll fall in love (see what we did there?) with the original Black love series, “The Table, which you can watch on BlackOakTV!

The series follows Ed and London, two distinct, opinionated, young Black New Yorkers who go through the trials and tribulations of figuring out what it means to be in love.

You can stream the first episode of the series for free on BlackOakTV, and then become a Choice Member to watch every episode thereafter! And of course, feel free to check out the trailer below:

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