Top 8 Black Movies: 2000s

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Black movies in the 2000s is full of captivating storytelling, memorable performances, and thought-provoking storylines. The new millennium brought groundbreaking movies celebrating black culture, exploring social issues, and showcasing the massive talent of black actors, writers, and directors.

In celebration of the brilliance and unforgettable power of black movies from the 2000s, this blog post explores the top 8 black movies from 2000 – 2009.

Defining Black Movies

If you see black actors sharing stories about black culture and you know black directors are behind the scenes—you are watching a black movie. Black movies typically tell stories that showcase black communities’ experiences, struggles, triumphs, challenges, and contributions worldwide. Often these movies tackle themes like racism, identity, and social justice. Although focused on the black community, black films contribute to a diverse and inclusive representation on and off the screen by playing a vital role in cinema, and Black cinema, giving a voice to marginalized communities, and challenging stereotypes. Black movies allow all audiences to gain insight into different perspectives, histories, and storytelling, fostering appreciation, mutual respect, and empathy.

Top 8 Black Movies 2000 – 2009

Love & Basketball

Year: 2000

Director: Gina Prince-Bythewood

Love & Basketball is a romantic drama about love and sports. The movie focuses on Monica Wright, played by Sanaa Lathan, and her relationship with Qunicy McCall, played by Omar Epps. Throughout the movie, the pair navigates their friendship, basketball, and growing feelings for each other. Full of chemistry and emotion, Love & Basketball explores ambition, passion, personal goals, and love.


Year: 2002

Director: Tim Story

Barbershop features stars such as Ice Cube, Cedric the Entertainer, Anthony Anderson Eve, and Keith David. The story takes place in a barbershop on the South Side of Chicago and revolves around the social life in the shop. Ice Cube plays the main character, Calvin Palmer, Jr., who inherits the struggling business from his father. Barbershop is an intelligent comedy, taking place over one long day where Calvin (Ice Cube), his staff of barbers, and the Chicago community wrestle with Calvin’s decision to sell the shop to a loan shark (Keith David).


Year: 2006

Director: Bill Condon

Dreamgirls starring Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Hudson, Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy, and Danny Glover debuted in 2006. It is an adaptation of the 1981 Broadway musical, Dreamgirls, inspired by Motown artists like Diana Ross and the Supremes. The story is about three young black women who decide to form a singing group in the 1960s. The movie shows their rise to fame and the increasing complications in their professional and personal lives. Dreamgirls won two Academy Awards. One for Best Original Song, “Listen,” and the other was awarded to Jennifer Hudson as Best Supporting Actress.


Year: 2009

Director: Lee Daniels

Precious is a powerful drama about Precious Jones, an overweight, illiterate teen in Harlem. Actress Gabourey Sidibe portrays the lead character in this challenging role, portraying harrowing abuse and hardships experienced in her struggle for a better life. Mo’Nique plays Precious’ abusive mother, and Paula Patton plays her teacher. Mo’Nique won an academy award for her performance in this gripping story about resilience, hope, and the power of education.

Hustle & Flow

Year: 2005

Director: Craig Brewer

Hustle & Flow is set in the world of Memphis rap and the music dreams of DJay, played by Terrance Howard. The movie is a compelling drama focused on DJay’s ambition and hustle as an aspiring rapper who finds inspiration and a chance at redemption. The ensemble cast includes Anthony Anderson, Taryn Manning, Taraji P. Henson, and Ludacris. Hustle & Flow is a movie about self-discovery, perseverance, and the transformative power of music.

The Great Debaters

Year: 2007

Director: Denzel Washington

The Great Debaters is based on the true story of the Wiley College debate team. Set in the 1930s in racially segregated Texas, the movie centers on Professor Melvin B. Tolson, played by Denzel Washington. As a professor of African American students in the 1930s, Melvin B. Tolson guides his students to challenge societal barriers using words and knowledge. Students played by Denzel Whitaker, Nate Parker, and Jurnee Smollett deliver outstanding performances showing how the Wiley College debate team overcame prejudice and discrimination to position themselves in competition with elite universities.

Antwone Fisher

Year: 2002

Director: Denzel Washington

Antwone Fisher is a biographical drama based on the true story of Antwone Fisher, a young sailor with a troubled past. Derek Luke plays Antwone Fisher as the young sailor who experiences a transformative self-discovery journey from a turbulent childhood to his encounter with a Navy psychiatrist, Dr. Jerome Davenport. Denzel Washington directs and starts as the Navy psychiatrist who leads Antwone in his quest to confront his past and work through healing and forgiveness. Viola Davis, Joy Bryant, and Salli Richardson-Whitfield also star in this powerful move about human connection.

Akeelah and the Bee

Year: 2006

Director: Doug Atchison

Keke Palmer portrays Akeelah Anderson, a bright young girl passionate about spelling. The movie focuses on Akeelah as she prepares for the National Spelling Bee competition. Laurence Fishburne plays her coach, Dr. Joshua Larabee. With the help of her coach, Akeelah overcame self-doubt and societal challenges. With an all-star cast including Angela Bassett, Curtis Armstrong, and JR Villarreal, Akeelah and the Bee is a powerful drama exploring a young girl’s resilience, the importance of education, and the power of community.

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