Best Black TV Shows on Hulu 

Living Single Cast

There are a lot of streaming services out there–we know, we’re owned by one of them (BlackOakTV)! That means you have a number of options to choose from when looking for your next show to binge. And while we’d always suggest you check out a BlackOakTV Original, we can’t blame you if you want to try out one of the other streaming services (in addition to us!). So we wanted to bring you the top Black TV shows on Hulu! 

For those that might care, Hulu is really a conglomeration of all of the major networks and their sister companies, and thus, the collection of shows on the service are quite random and diversified. You have shows from ABC, NBC, and CBS, but also from Starz, OWN and BET. 

We’re here to help you get through the muck though. So here is a list of the best black TV shows of Hulu…both the new and the old! 

Abbott Elementary

This brand new black sitcom from Quinta Brunson had me on the fence at first, but its reincarnation of The Office, but in a school setting is genius, and something I think any Black person that grew up in an inner-city school could really appreciate. 

Living Single (Old)

For those that don’t know it, Living Single was the original Friends, as it spoke to the career and relationship challenges of twenty-somethings trying to make it in New York. Naturally, instead of being in an unrealistic apartment in Greenwich Village, this amazing group of black friends was in a multi-unit brownstone in Brooklyn. That said, the two shows diverge a great deal once you get past their location and age–the issues in Living Single were always a bit blacker than their NBC doppelgangers. 

Power (Old)

While not that old, it’s certainly not churning out any new shows–unless you count the countless spin-offs 50 Cent keeps putting out on Starz. Nevertheless, Ghosts lives on through the binge watching of this amazing crime drama that may have really given birth to Black people getting into the streaming age. 

Grownish (New)

Grown-ish is the spin-off of Black-ish, which can also be found on Hulu. Save yourself a trip to the Disney-oriented cable channel Freeform, and get your dose of Zoey Johnson (played by Yara Shahidi) ad-free on the streamer. 

The Game (Old)

How much do I need to say about this that every Black millennial doesn’t already know? Go ahead and check out the show that takes you back to a time in the aughts, when cell phones were brand new, football wasn’t “dangerous”, and the celebrity cameo was a must on your favorite sitcom.

Queens (Now Old…?)

A show about middle-aged Black women rapping that stars both Brandy and Eve? Count me in! As well as the many millions of other people that have been tuning into the throwback drama. The show goes back and forth between present day and the 1990s, when the main characters were in a superstar, female, rap group. Today, they are largely wives, mothers and professional nomads, who think they can get the gang back together again. 

Being Mary Jane (Old)

This was one of BET’s first original dramas during their recent uptick in content, and it was a surefire hit. Starring Gabrielle Union, and a whole slew of Black Hollywood’s best actors, the series covered what it was like being a 30-something, professional, and single Black woman in America. That premise alone was enough to do 10 seasons–but that stopped a few short of that while weaving in some other brilliant narratives as well. 

Godfather of Harlem (New)

If you are among the many that don’t have Epix (and who are we to talk at BlackOakTV???), then you’ll be delighted to know that you can catch the Forest Whitaker-starring crime drama as part of your Hulu subscription. For those that don’t know, the series covers 1960’s New York City and tells the dramatized story of Bumpy Johnson, a major crime boss in Harlem who ultimately Federally indicted for drug conspiracy and died of congestive heart failure. 

Everybody Hates Chris (Old)

This amazing series came not too long after the peak of the Black TV Renaissance of the 90s and humorized Chris Rock’s upbringing in New York City while also being narrated by the titular character himself. It was a hilarious, Black take on the coming of age story, and one, that despite its relatively short run, holds a warm place in the hearts of those that watched it. 

Atlanta (New)

Despite fours passing since its last episode, everyone is anticipating the Season 3 premiere of Atlanta on March 24, 2022. However, in case you need to remind yourself of where the show left off, or you simply just want to relive this incredibly creative masterpiece, then you can catch Seasons 1 and 2 and Hulu. 

All of Us (Old)

This was possibly a show that came and went too soon. While Duane Martin, Elise Neal and LisaRaye McCoy aren’t exactly who you’d think would lead a TV series, in the early 2000s, this was quite the power crew, and for those that caught it when it premiered on UPN (before eventually moving to CW where all black sitcoms went to die), those people loved it and swear by it as one of their favorite shows. 

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