Hidden Gems: 6 Underrated Shows on BET Plus Worth Your Time

BET Plus TV Shows

In the modern world of streaming services, there’s no shortage of excellent Black television to get your hands on. From “Angel” to “Kingdom Business,” streaming services like BET Plus have no shortage of content for audiences to enjoy the wonders of Black art.

But with the many shows to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start when you begin your deep dive into BET Plus’s massive roster. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of six underrated shows on BET Plus worth your time. So kick back and enjoy the show!

1. “Angel,” BET Plus Original

First on our list is “Angel,” BET Plus’s exciting tale of survival. Following Angel Alvarez, a woman who escapes her abusive foster parent and is forced into a life of crime to survive in the streets, “Angel” is a harrowing but touching story of identity and adversity in the face of tragedy.

As Angel fights to survive, the audience can’t help but root for her and her happiness. With only three episodes of “Angel,” BET Plus will hopefully get to making more of this series soon – because we can’t wait to see what happens next in Angel’s world!

2. “Kingdom Business,” BET Plus Original

This BET Plus original follows an exotic dancer as she makes her name in the gospel music industry thanks to her powerful voice and commanding presence. As her fame increases, the reigning queen of the gospel, Denita, must take extra precautions to protect her family and their plethora of secrets.

Combining music, mystery, and stunning talent with exhilarating secrets, “Kingdom Business” stands out in BET Plus’s roster. With a virtually all-black cast, “Kingdom Business” is helping break barriers in the modern entertainment world – all while providing stories we can’t help but love.

3. “All the Queen’s Men,” BET Plus Original

Starring effortlessly magnetic Eva Marcille as Marilyn, or “Madam,” DeVille, “All the Queen’s Men” is one of our favorite shows available on BET Plus. Madam rules her crew of exotic male dancers in a world of sex, drugs, and violence. Despite the dark subject matter, “All the Queen’s Men” is more than binge-worthy – and with three seasons available, you’ll have no shortage of episodes to indulge in!

4. “Zatima,” BET Plus Original

Who doesn’t love a classic Tyler Perry creation? If you’re in the mood for one of this legend’s comedies, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with “Zatima.” This BET Plus original tackles the complicated, blossoming relationship between Zac and Fatima, whose past decisions and relationships continue interfering with their growing connection.

No matter what entertaining situation Zac and Fatima find themselves in, one thing is certain: “Zatima” is a beautiful look at Black relationships and love, and one that you’ll instantly fall head over heels for!

5. “All the Way Black,” BET Plus Original

In the mood for some nostalgia? Check out the BET Plus original series “All the Way Black” and join Chris Spencer as he looks back on all things Black history in the media, from iconic Black family sitcoms to our favorite athletes and all things Black 70s and 80s culture. No matter what you’re looking to reminisce on, you’ll find comfort and happiness with “All the Way Black.”

The show is a perfect opportunity to appreciate Black history and pop culture, reminding us of the trailblazers who came before our time – so sit back, relax, and start reminiscing!

6. “Legacy,” BET Plus Original

Rounding out our list of hidden gems is BET Plus’s “Legacy,” a classic mobster tale that’s as interesting now as mobster movies were back in the day. Following notorious mobster Guy Simmons, “Legacy” tells the story of the Simmons crime family as they fight to maintain power and sustain their long-lasting legacy when outside forces threaten to tear it apart.

Constantly thrilling, “Legacy” will keep you on the edge of your seat –  something that’s particularly impressive since the show only recently began. It shines a new light on classic tales, showcasing immense Black talent for fans of all things mobster stories to enjoy!

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