Hidden Treasures: 7 Captivating Black Shows on Starz Worth Binge-Watching

black shows on starz

As one of the leaders in premium cable television, Starz is undoubtedly an excellent choice to find your next series worthy of binge-watching. From drama to action, stories of love to stories of revenge, Starz has it all – and you’ll have plenty to choose from when you decide it’s time to kick back and start binging!

But with the plethora of titles on the network, you might struggle to find the best Black shows on Starz to engage with, enjoy, and dissect Black television. You’re in luck if you’re searching for the most binge-worthy Black shows on Starz. Here’s our list of the top seven series on Starz to start watching today!

1. “Power” (2014-2020)

As one of Starz’s more popular shows, “Power” is an incredible watch no matter what mood you’re in – as long as you’re ready to get invested in a brilliant crime drama! “Power” tells the tale of James “Ghost” St. Patrick, played by Omari Hardwick, a powerful nightclub owner in New York who, along with his friend Tommy, runs an elite drug empire where power is always at play.

Loved for its gritty realism and exhilarating drama, “Power” has everything you could ask for from a classic crime show. As Ghost leads his double life, audiences can’t help but be drawn into his world and all the violence and hardship that comes with it. Even when it’s hard to watch, “Power” is impossible to look away from. With six seasons, there’s plenty for you to enjoy with this show – so get to binging!

2. “P-Valley” (2020-)

Another powerhouse crime drama, “P-Valley” is one of the best Black shows on Starz in recent years. Created by Katori Hall, “P-Valley” follows the lives and loves of women working at The Pynk, a strip club. The lead character, Autumn (Elarica Johnson), finds herself on a journey to start over in Mississippi when she lands at The Pynk.

While Autumn introduces the audience to The Pynk, “P-Valley” is nothing without its strong ensemble. With a virtually all-black cast, “P-Valley” continues to break boundaries for the network and television as a whole. As Autumn runs from her past, audiences can’t help but become more and more interested in what the story will reveal next. With two seasons completed and a third on the way, “P-Valley” is a show you should start as soon as possible – like today.

3. “Run the World” (2021-2023)

Following the lives of four Black women living in Harlem, “Run the World” is one of our favorite comedies you can watch on Starz. Premiering in 2021 on the Starz network, “Run the World” is a fun and exciting ride where all of the characters feel like your best friends, making the show extra enjoyable!

While the show ended recently after its second season, we haven’t forgotten the fun times and laughs our favorite girls brought us during its runtime. If you’re looking for a quick watch that showcases the lives of Black women in all their beauty, “Run the World” is for you – and if you’re not convinced, check out the season one trailer to see what we mean!

4. “Power Book II: Ghost” (2020-)

Have you ever loved a show so much that you wished there was a sequel, and another, and another? Then, you’ll be happy to know that there’s more to watch after you finish the initial “Power” series on Starz. “Power Book II: Ghost” continues the story of some of the most iconic characters from “Power,” namely Tariq St. Patrick.

What makes “Power Book II: Ghost” so special is its commitment to telling deep stories about a predominately-Black cast of characters who, for all their flaws, we love and root for. The show’s ability to depict the richness of Black lives makes it one of the most powerful shows Starz has aired to date and one we can never get enough of. And if you’re not satisfied with the first two iterations of “Power,” don’t worry – there’s also “Power Book III: Raising Kanan” and “Power Book IV: Force” to enjoy!

5. “BMF” (2021-)

Originally known as “Black Mafia Family,” “BMF” is one of our favorite Black shows on Starz for several reasons. Created by Randy Huggins and helmed by executive producer 50 Cent, “BMF” is a classic twist on traditional mafia stories, with a nearly all-black cast dominating a genre traditionally known for telling predominately-White stories.

Set in the late 1980s, “BMF” follows two brothers of the Black Mafia Family, Demetrius Flenory Jr. and Da’Vinchi, as they rise from the streets of Detroit to leading one of the most powerful crime families in the country. Based on real events, “BMF” is one of the most thrilling series Starz has to offer – and if you don’t believe us, watch the first episode and see for yourself!

6. “Survivor’s Remorse” (2014-2017)

If you’ve already binged “Run the World” and are looking for another classic Starz Black-led comedy, look no further than “Survivor’s Remorse.” While its name might make you think otherwise, this series is endlessly hilarious and will have you laughing out loud more often than not.

Following basketball legend Cam Calloway as he navigates the Boston sports scene, “Survivor’s Remorse” is an insightful look into the world of sports, the lives of athletes, and the funny situations that come with fame. As Cam’s past threatens to destroy his present, “Survivor’s Remorse” never loses its funny bone – and you can see what all the fuss is about by checking out the trailer today!

7. “America to Me” (2018)

No list of the best Black shows on Starz is complete without some genre variety, and what better way to shake things up than by putting our favorite documentary on the list? “America to Me” is a Black-led, ten-episode docuseries that any genre fan will surely love.

Following the lives of students, teachers, and administrators in Chicago’s suburban Oak Park and River Forest High School, “America to Me” is an honest and authentic look at the lives of Black people in modern America, analyzing racial, economic, and class issues plaguing people today. Ready to dive into this insightful story? Check out the first episode of “America to Me” on Starz.

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