The Best Black TV Shows of 2024

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Coming off a year of writers and actors strikes, many viewers are wondering what’s to come for the Black TV shows of 2024. And while there were a couple of amazing Black TV shows that dropped in 2023, The second part of last year left us hungry for some of our favorite shows. Because of strikes we weren’t able to get the start of Season 3 of Abbott Elementary underway. We were unable to get going on “Power Book II”. And even the third season of “P-Valley” was delayed as a result of the writers room being interrupted.

But for all our suffering in 2023, we are going to get it paid back in spades this coming year, as we get to indulge in the old TV shows making up for lost time, as well as for the new Black TV shows of 2024.

Below, we give you a complete rundown of what’s to come in 2024:

Returning Black TV Shows of 2024

Abbott Elementary

Abbott Elementary

Perhaps the most talked-about comedy of the moment, Abbott Elementary is returning for its anticipated third season after the strikes prevented them from bringing new episodes to us last fall. For those not already know, the show stars amazing Black actors like Quinta Brunson, Tyler James Williams, Janelle James and the Sheryl Lee Ralph. This Black TV show returns in 2024 with its usual premise, a group of school teachers and administrators in an underestimated Philadelphia public school, trying to do the best they can for their students while dealing with the problems in their lives. For me, and why I think this show does so well, it’s not just it’s unbelievable comedic timing and satirical nature, but it’s the fact that even though they do dabble in a bit of drama here and there, the sitcom stays true to its calling by not letting the subplots get in the way of the comedy. Few broadcast sitcoms have been able to maintain a healthy balance of humor and dramatic elements the way this show has, which is probably why it’s been winning all the Emmy’s!


Harlem - A Black TV Show of 2024

The Amazon Prime Video series, Harlem, had to wait in the winds for a little bit, but at the very end of the year, nearly 11 months after it released its second season, the show was finally renewed for Season 3. Let us rejoice for that one! It was getting scare there for a minute, as an 11-month wait in today’s TV age usually means you’re not returning. Not to mention, a quick look at the streaming “ratings” and “numbers” would suggest it wasn’t exactly a commercial success relative to its high expectations. And furthermore, we already saw a similar show, Run the World, get cancelled during the extended writers and actors strikes. Nonetheless, here we are. We have a third season of the show, which picks up with out Black lady quartet as they appeared to be in pursuit of lives not revolving around the men (or women) in their stories. We don’t know if this means super independence for these women who will rid themselves of the constant search for love. It could just be the beginning of new romantic relationship. Thankfully, we’ll get to find out when Harlem (likely) comes out toward the end of 2024.


P-Valley - A Black TV Show of 2024

The first season of P-Valley, the acclaimed Black TV show on Starz, came out in 2020 during the midst of the pandemic. It immediately took, what was then called, Black Twitter by storm, and it seemed like we had something to root for in Black media during a deep and dark time in the world. We probably wouldn’t have been so geeked about the show’s prospects if we knew it was going to be another pandemic-prolonged two years before we would get a second season of the show, but of course, the writing team there, led by the talented Katori Hall, was on there “p’s and q’s” for that one, as the second season was every bit as good as the first. Of course, we should’ve tempered our excitement for more then too. Here we are, 2023 has come and gone, and we haven’t had a new season yet. Well, it’s coming…or at least that’s the word on the street. The P-Valley team was working on a new season when the writers strike began, so we can assume that given they have the greenlight, the show is back in motion. The second season ended with quite the surprise, with the famed strip club, the ‘Pink’, being returned to its rightful owner. On the flipside, the season finale, and a goodbye post, signaled that we were losing out on one of the show’s main characters, Elarica (played by Hailey Colton). What that means for the series, we’re not sure. But if we know anything about this series, it’s be excited for the unexpected.

The Chi

The Chi - A Black TV Show of 2024

The Chi is probably one of the Black TV shows of 2024 that I’m most looking forward to. It simply does not get enough credit for its intricate plots, social commentary, world building and sense of humor. For me, it’s basically The Wire, but for Chicago, with more of a focus on the everyday people of the city instead of just the drug dealers and the cops. We actually got a piece of its sixth season this past summer, as Showtime dropped the first half on its streamer and sent one of our favorite characters, Kevin (played b Alex R. Hibbert), on his series finale. However, they built up quite the story for the back of the season, as it appears the kids of show have finally grown up, have some serious adult problems, and fixing them may involve stepping on the turn of those who came before them. It’s going to be quite the spin on your typical coming of age series, and I’m ready for it.


Poster of "Bel-Air", a Black TV Show returning in 2024

Dropping in late 2024. I’ll admit, I was very skeptical of a new take on Bel-Air. As a major fan of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and someone who still watches the show with my kids to this day, I wasn’t keen on a series that reimagined my favorite characters without bringing back the actors we grew to know and love. But after skipping out on season 1, I came back around shortly after season 2 dropped and caught up on all the episodes. While I still miss some of the actors who helped define the Black television era of the 1990s, Bel-Air was able lure me in adding way more depth to the characters than the original series ever had time to do in their 30-minute episodes. Ultimately, it’s a very different show, but if you’re fan of the 90s hit, the extension of some character traits and flaws, as well as the complete reversal of some through lines (like the new version of Hillary of Jazz actually fall in love), allows for a small piece of the nostalgia you were hoping for. But in its own right, the show is basically a more expensive, more in-depth, more message-laden version of All-American, which despite being all of 39-years old, I still enjoy. Making Bel-Air a series that is high on my list and one that I’m certainly going to be on time for when it drops in 2024.

The Upshaws

A poster of "The Upshaws", a Black TV Show dropping in 2024

Dropping in late 2024. Mike Epps has had a few chances at starring in his own sitcom. Some of them weren’t so great, like Uncle Buck. And some of them were fairly decent, like Survivor’s Remorse. But at 32 episodes, and even more numerous acclaims, The Upshaws is clearly the big winner for Epps. And I’m a huge fan. If you’re looking for a dark, twisted, dry humor, dramedy, the likes of what you might see on (HBO) Max or Showtime, this ain’t it. Nope! This is just a super simple, 90’s style comedy, about an unreliable auto-mechanic, his meticulous ex-wife, their coming of age four kids, and a sister-in-law that is constant comic relief. So if you need something to watch when you have an undefined amount of time to chill and relax, and you don’t want to think, this should be your go-to series.

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

Dropping in late 2024. The one-liner for Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story reads something like “Young Queen Charlotte’s marriage to King George of England sparks an epic love story and transforms high society.” And while that description, coupled with the fact that a Black woman is at the center of it, should get you excited about the series, there’s still so much more to it. First and foremost, the story takes place in two worlds nearly 60 years a part, keeping you on your toes and thinking throughout every minute of each episode. In the first world, we watch a young woman come into her own while being at the center of kingdom. In the second world, we see a distressed and concerned woman of much experience preaching to her heirs to take on the responsibilities that come with their positions. But even outside of these disparate settings, there’s the tale and exploration of a Black woman making her way through royal life and changing the many norms that come with it. If you’re up for a complex and detailed ride that involves a little bit of time-travel, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story is certainly going to take you for the ride you’ve been looking for.

Power Book II: Ghost

Poster for "Power Book II: Ghost", a Black TV Show

Expected in the first half 2024. Plain and simple, if you liked the show from which this was spun-off, Power, then you will like the tone, premise and direction of Power Book II: Ghost. On top of continuing the narrative that so many of us became enamored with during the 6-season run of the original show, Power Book II even upgraded the acting a bit, bringing in Mary J. Blige and Method Man as leading characters in the show. For those who need the crime-centric plotlines in your life, you can’t miss with this show. While little “Tariq” still continues to get on the viewing audience’s nerves, just like his father, he’s at the center of the drug world, and despite his best efforts, he just can’t get out. Three seasons in, and with a fourth to come, you can trust that every episode will be a well-told exploration of both the big city cartel and a young man coming of age.

Power Book III: Raising Kanan

Poster of "Power Book III: Raising Kanan", A Black TV Show Coming in 2024

Dropping in late 2024. While season 3 is going well into 2024, we already know that season 4 has the greenlight, so now may be just the perfect time to get caught up with this next chapter of the Power universe. Whereas Power Book II focuses on the next stage of “Ghost’s” son, Power Book III focuses on the earlier days of Ghost’s one time friend and business partner, Kanan, who was played by 50 Cent in the original Power. Set in 1990s, Power Book III is very powerful story about the trials and tribulations of growing up in a not so great environment and how even the strongest minded of us can get caught up in something we shouldn’t be if life breaks a certain way. Complete with family battles, a drug turf war, meddling cops, and 90s fashion, Power Book III is a drama worth investing in you want more in-depth and historical look at the other side of the drug world.


A Poster of "All-American", A Black TV Show Coming in 2024

Coming in early 2024. All-American is a primetime, teenage drama, and as I mentioned before when discussing Bel-Air, I’m a sucker for these shows. I’m not sure what makes a grown ass man like me interested in the ups and downs of high schoolers, but I can’t get enough of this show. Maybe it’s the football aspect of it. As a former college football player, I can relate to so much of the politics and intrigue around the main star, Spencer, and his quest to make a better life for himself through football. Or maybe it’s deep dark secrets all of the parents in the show are hiding, which as a current parent, and obviously former child, appeals to my own interest in the trust and faith children blindly put in their very human, and often, very flawed, guardians. Or maybe it’s simply Spencer’s tribulations in the hood, as he battles having one foot in the inner-city from which he came, but he also leads an entirely different upper-class life that shakes up everything he thought he knew about the world. No matter what it is, I’m going to keep watching, and I suggest that you do too.

All-American: Homecoming

A Poster of "All American: Homecoming", a Black TV Show with a new season coming in 2024

Coming in early 2024. All-American has hooked me with its blend of teenage drama, football, and the complex layers of family dynamics. But it doesn’t stop there. The saga continues and expands its horizon with its spin-off series, All-American: Homecoming. This show not only inherits the compelling storytelling of its predecessor but also introduces us to a world where dreams are chased on and off the field in a whole new setting – the hallowed halls of Bringston University. As a fan of the original series, All-American: Homecoming strikes a chord with me for different reasons. It’s not just about football anymore; it’s about the broader canvas of college life, the crossroads of ambitious young adults navigating through their formative years. It resonates with my memories of my own college days – the aspirations, the camaraderie, the struggle to find one’s identity in a new world. The show beautifully intertwines the excitement of college sports with the personal growth and challenges faced by its characters.

On this show, the stakes for these Black coeds are higher, and the game isn’t just played on the field. It’s about the all-encompassing experience of college life – the classroom confrontations, the budding romances, the clash of egos, and the forging of lifelong friendships. It’s about young adults like Simone and Damon, each carrying their own dreams and burdens, trying to make their mark in a world that’s bigger and more complex than high school.

Whether it’s the vibrant campus life, the intense sports action, or the exploration of new relationships and self-discovery, All-American: Homecoming takes you on a journey that’s both nostalgic and exhilarating. It’s a spin-off that stands on its own, inviting both fans of the original and new viewers to get immersed in a world where every decision shapes the future.

All the Queen’s Men

A Poster of Eva Marcille in "All the Queen's Men", a Black TV Show of 2024

Coming sometime in 2024. Dive into BET’s All the Queen’s Men, an electrifying series that’s far from your average drama. It’s a thrilling plunge into the world of male exotic dancing, led by the formidable ‘Madam,’ portrayed by Eva Marcille. This show isn’t just about the dazzling nightlife; it’s a power-packed saga of ambition, control, and raw seduction. Madam rules not just a club but an empire, where the stakes are high and the game is intense. Watching her navigate rivals and manage towering egos makes for captivating plotlines and moments. Yet, the show goes deeper, revealing the personal struggles and vulnerabilities beneath the glitz. But All the Queen’s Men is more than entertainment; it’s an adrenaline rush through the complexities of power and fame. Each episode is a battle for supremacy, offering a mesmerizing blend of drama and allure. If you’re ready for a series that’s both exhilarating and insightful, this is it.

Tyler Perry’s Sista’s

A Poster of "Sistas", a Black TV Show of 2024

Switching lanes to Sistas, a show I admittedly have a hard time keeping up with, but much like All-American, the plot-laden episodes just keep coming. There’s just something magnetic about a series that captures the essence of Black womanhood across generations. And let’s talk about this cast – seeing my guy Devale Ellis on screen is always a treat. His charm and depth add layers to a narrative already rich with relatable, compelling characters. But the real game-changer for me is Crystal Hayslett. Following her on IG, I knew she was talented, but seeing her bring that fire to Sistas takes it to another level.

Much like ‘All-American,’ ‘Sistas’ has this uncanny ability to pull you into its world. It’s not just about the drama; it’s about seeing pieces of your life, your struggles, and triumphs reflected through these characters. Whether it’s tackling career challenges or navigating complex relationships, Sistas serves it up with a blend of humor and heart that’s hard to resist. So, if you’re into shows that mirror real life with a side of irresistible drama, Sistas is your go-to.

New Black TV Shows of 2024

The Table

"The Table" - A New Black TV Show for 2024

Coming in February 2024. The Table, an eight-episode Black TV show debuting on BlackOakTV, narrates the life of a Black couple, London and Ed, over seven years. Created by filmmaker Caralene Robinson, it tells their story from their first encounter to marriage and family challenges. Set in their dining room, the series explores themes like the diverse experiences of Black people, privilege, impostor syndrome, and the balance of education and street experience. It delves into the intricate dynamics of a Black relationship in its most vulnerable setting – the home. Watch “The Table” now on BlackOakTV.

Poppa’s House

Scene from "Poppa's House", a New Black TV Show coming in 2024

Coming in January 2024. Poppa’s House, a CBS sitcom, stars Damon Wayans as a renowned talk radio host navigating life post-divorce. His routine is disrupted when he must collaborate with a younger, dynamic female co-host, portrayed by Essence Atkins. The show, which also features two Wayans brothers and Tetona Jackson, promises a blend of humor and relatable situations. Anticipated to be a classic sitcom, “Poppa’s House” offers a refreshing break from the more prevalent dramadies, highlighting everyday challenges with a light-hearted touch.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

"Mr and Mrs. Smith" TV Poster

Coming in February 2024. Well, if you’ve been missing Donald Glover on your TV screen, now’s your chance to get some more of the beloved Atlanta TV series star. Starring alongside the hilarious Maya Erskine, Glover will play the role of John Smith, an extremely talented spy forced to play husband and wife and with “Jane” (Erskine), in exchange for the role of a lifetime as well paid, traveling, high-in-demand agent working for the government. The duo is forced to live together and portray a life of happiness and matrimony, but at the outstart, they’re much more interested in the perks of their job than they are in each other. We can imagine where this unlikely duo’s relationship could lead, but my guess is that anything created by Glover is bound to take an unexpected turn. We’ll be watching to find out.

Criminal Record

"Criminal Record", A Black TV Show

Dropping January 10th, 2024. Criminal Record is British crime-drama series starring Cush Jumbo as a young, talented, up-and-coming, Black detective. Her character, June, is looking to resolve a mysterious phone call that ends up putting her against a revered, veteran detective, Tony, believed to possibly be playing both sides of a once resolved crime. June believes the confession Tony got from a now incarcerated man was the result of a cover-up and she wants to find out what really happened and whether Tony has something to hide. As the two cross paths more and more, it becomes clear Tony hasn’t been completely truthful, and he’s dead set on making sure June is unable to reveal his truth.

The Big Cigar

Tiffany Boone, an actress in the upcoming Black TV Show, "The Big Cigar"

Coming in 2024. Starring Andre Holland and Tiffany Boone, among others, The Big Cigar is biographical, dramatic Black TV show based on the life of Huey P. Newton, one of the most notorious leaders of the Blank Panthers Party. The six-episode limited series details Newton’s attempts to evade the FBI as they try to convict him for murder. Newton decides to seek refuge in Cuba, so he enlist the help of his movie producer friend, Bert Schneider, his girlfriend Gwen Fontaine (Boone), and other celebrity friends to get out of the country undetected. Yeah, sounds pretty cool.

Children’s Black TV Shows of 2024


A poster of "Iwaju", a Black animated series

Series premiere dropping sometime in 2024. From IMDb: “A comic-style animated sci-fi series set in Lagos that explores themes of class, innocence and challenging the status quo.”

Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

"Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur" Poster

Season 2 dropping on February 2nd, 2024. From IMDb: “After 13-year-old super-genius Lunella accidentally brings ten-ton T-Rex, Devil Dinosaur into present-day New York City via a time vortex, the duo works together to protect the city’s Lower East Side from danger.”

Young Love

A Poster of "Young Love", an animated children's black tv show coming in 2024

Season 2 coming in 2024. From IMDb: “An honest look into the world of an African American young family of millennial parents, as they juggle their careers, marriage, parenthood, social issues and multi-generational dynamics striving for a better life.”

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