Black YouTube Couples: Redefining Relationship Goals Online

Black YouTube Couples and family

Black YouTubers are leveraging the platform to create fun, helpful content that’s transforming the way viewers approach their own relationships. Black female YouTubers, Black male YouTubers, and couples are coming together to create dynamic content that’s shaping YouTube in 2024.

Get ready to meet some of these Black YouTube couples and see how they’re representing relationships in a positive, authentic way.

Queen & Clarence

Queen Naija, a popular singer, and Clarence, a fashion enthusiast, have made a name for themselves through their relationship/lifestyle vlogs. This power couple does a wonderful job showcasing what a modern, entrepreneurial relationship looks like.

Let’s face it: there’s nothing cuter than seeing two people support each other’s dreams and ambitions, and that’s exactly what you get with the Queen & Clarence channel. Some of their most popular vlogs involve pregnancy and family-related content.

Dwayne N Jazz

Down for a good time? You’ve come to the right place. The Dwayne N Jazz channel features fun yet down-to-earth content that just about anyone can relate to. From reacting to movie trailers to discussing video games, this couple provides hours of entertainment.

With videos like “TRY NOT TO LAUGH!!!! YO MAMA JOKES EDITION!!!!” and “SML MOVIE: ‘THE PURGE’ REACTION,” there’s never a dull moment with these two.

Kaelin and Kyrah

Self-described “childhood sweethearts who got married at 19 and had 2 under 2 at 22,” Kaelin and Kyrah are some of the most wholesome Black YouTube couples out there. They offer an interesting look into family life while keeping things light-hearted with prank videos.

Their most popular vlog, boasting 16 million views, involves a breakup prank gone wrong. Other popular videos document their wedding and “killer clowns” at school. Kaelin and Kyrah are a great example of a well-rounded couple that showcases both the serious and humorous sides of being in a relationship.

Riss & Quan

One look at their channel, and it’s easy to see why Riss & Quan have acquired over 3 million subscribers. This couple films regular family lifestyle vlogs, as well as pranks and reaction videos. With catchy video titles and thumbnails, they do a great job of getting viewers excited about their content.

Their most popular video features the live birth of their son. They’ve also vlogged kissing tutorials, morning routines, and “epic fail” videos. With Riss & Quan, you get a little bit of everything, all wrapped up in a bundle of family love.


The GOLDJUICE channel, run by Willie Fryson and Olivia Ovalles, documents the lives of a young couple as they have fun with each other. Like many of the other couples on this list, most of their content centers around prank-style videos.

Their most viewed video, titled “BOYFRIEND RATES MY PRETTYLITTLETHINGS OUTFITS!!!!!” features Olivia trying on different outfits and Willie rating them. Other popular videos document pregnancy and childbirth.

Nique & King

Nique & King live a crazy life, and it definitely shows through their vlogs. With everything from hidden camera stunts to heartfelt relationship videos, they’re one of the most interesting Black YouTube couples online today.

Their official music video has 7 million views and is the most popular on their channel. It demonstrates their talent and love for each other and is a standout example of what Black couples can create on YouTube.

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