Lawrence B. Jones: Fox News’ Rising Star

Lawrence B. Jones of Fox News

Lawrence Billy Jones III, better known as Lawrence B. Jones or just Lawrence Jones, is seen as somewhat of a rising, but controversial, star within Fox News. Widely regarded as a conservative voice in the media, Jones identifies as a libertarian, and currently co-hosts the Fox show, “Fox & Friends.” Jones is often seen as a significant figure as a young Black conservative in the media and has a career that can be seen as meteoric from his beginnings as a young person interested in political issues. Jones grew up in Garland, Texas, where he first started his political career. Now, he’s a well-known Black news anchor and has a prominent place in media.

Lawrence Jones’ Early Life and Education

Lawrence B. Jones was born in 1992 and grew up in Garland, Texas. Garland, Texas is a bustling community that sits just north of Dallas proper — Dallas being one of the largest cities not only in Texas but in the United States. In Garland, Jones started his political career early, running for the local school board at just 19 years old. Before that, he had already been a student advocate for Garland ISD, as well as a Texas junior senator.  

At the time of running for school board, he stated that “I really do think it’s time for a new generation of leadership,” according to NBC DFW Channel 5. He attended the University of North Texas around the same time, where he studied political science and criminal justice.

Though he didn’t win this school board election, Jones has gone on to accomplish a lot in his political career, including serving on the Dallas County Child Protective Service board, and as a District 2 Representative on the Garland Parks and Recreation Board.

Lawrence Jones’ Career at Fox News

By the time he joined Fox News Media in 2018, Jones had already had a prolific career in the media — having worked with Campus Reform as the Editor-in-Chief, as well as having hosted his own radio show on TheBlaze Radio Network and a contributing host on TheBlaze TV, according to his website. In 2018, Jones started working at FOX News Media, where he has done a range of segments on shows such as “Hannity,” and as a guest host on “Fox & Friends,” the morning show, as well as a host for “FOX News Primetime,” an evening news show. In 2022, Jones began hosting his own show on Fox, “Lawrence Jones Cross Country,” in which he interviewed guests, and reported on-scene for major news events across the country.

In 2023, Fox moved Jones to be a permanent co-host on “Fox & Friends,” which led to the end of “Lawrence Jones Cross Country.” Currently, at the time of writing, Jones is a permanent co-host of “Fox & Friends.”

Lawrence Jones and the Black Community

Lawrence Jones III has been seen as a significant voice as one of a few major Black conservative voices in the mainstream media. As a co-host on Fox’s “Fox & Friends,” Jones has had a platform to spread his views as a Black conservative.

In 2020, Jones hosted a one-hour special program on Fox News, called “One Nation With Lawrence Jones,” in which he discussed the aftermath of George Floyd’s death and race relations in the United States. He interviewed guests such as Pastor Dr. Tony Evans, Maj Toure — a rapper and activist, as well as activist Tezlyn Figaro.

Jones has spoken about how he perceives corporate action in the United States, in 2021 saying that:

“What if I told you that only half of 1%, 250 million dollars, was actually spent by these companies in support of Black life? I bet you think their holier than thou pledges of generosity was a bunch of bull.”

Lawrence B. Jones III on Fox News Primetime, in regards to pledges made by corporations after the death of George Floys.

Lawrence Jones’ Controversies and Criticisms

Like many public figures, Jones has faced his share of criticism, and at times has been seen as a controversial figure. In 2015, Jones started a fundraiser on GoFundMe for a pizza shop in Indiana called Memories Pizza, which saw a flood of online negative reviews after one of the co-owners told a local news outlet that they wouldn’t cater a gay wedding. For this, Jones faced criticism, according to The Washington Post. 

In 2020, Jones was set to appear at a GOP fundraising Lincon Day Dinner in Snohomish County, Washington state. However, after a non-profit organization, Media Matters for America, reported on this event, Snohomish GOP shortly announced that his appearance was canceled, due to Fox News employee policy, according to Media Matters for America’s reporting.

Lawrence Jones’ Personal Life

Compared to other public figures, Lawrence B. Jones has kept his current private life relatively quiet. While not much is known about his day-to-day private life, in 2019, a Facebook post, posted by the Fox Nation Facebook page shows Jones standing next to a woman that the post identifies as his “girlfriend, Sydney.” Jones’s mother, Tameria Jones, also appears to be an important figure in his life. She’s appeared more than once on shows that Jones has worked on. She appeared on “Cooking With Friends” on Fox News, alongside her son in 2018 to share a recipe for chicken spaghetti, as well as on Jones’s show in 2022, where she discussed her pregnancy with Jones as a teen mother.

Jones has also discussed his father’s impact on him. After publishing his book, titled “American Man: Speaking the Truth about the War on Masculinity,” Jones said of his father “I thought that my dad was too tough. As I talked to other men, I realized that my dad was kind of in line with other successful men”

Lawrence Jones By the Numbers

How Old is Lawrence Jones?

Lawrence B Jones was born in December 1992, making him 30 years old at the time of writing — a very young figure considering his expansive media and political career. He grew up in Garland Texas, just outside of Dallas.

How Tall is Lawrence Jones?

When photographed next to others, Lawrence appears to be a relatively tall man, which may have prompted some to wonder how tall the Fox & Friends host is exactly. While reports of Jones’ height vary, they range from from 5’11” to nearly 6’5”. It’s unclear exactly how tall Lawrence Jones is, however.

Who is Lawrence Jones?

Lawrence Jones is a journalist, politician, and commentator, often seen as a major conservative Black voice in the mainstream media. After growing up in Garland Texas, Jones’ career has been prolific and widespread. He’s worked for various media entities, as well as in various political capacities around his hometown of Garland, Texas. Currently, he co-hosts the Fox show “Fox & Friends.” While Jones, at age 30, is relatively young, he’s seen a prolific career across politics and the media.

How Much Does Lawrence Jones Make?

Viewers and readers may be curious about what Lawrence Jones’ salary is, or about his net worth. While this isn’t public information, some have attempted to make estimates regarding how much Jones takes home. Still, while viewers and readers can make their best guess as to his net worth or salary, it’s unclear exactly what these figures truly look like.

Additional FAQ

Q: What is Lawrence Jones’ political party?
A: Jones considers himself a libertarian, and in 2019 wrote on X (then Twitter) that he had left the “wack Republican Party.”

Q: Where did Lawrence Jones go to college?
A: Lawrence Jones attended the University of North Texas, where he studied political science and criminal justice.

Q: Where does Lawrence Jones currently work?
A: Currently, at the time of writing, Jones is a co-host of “Fox & Friends,” a morning show created by Fox News Media.

The Bottom Line on Lawerence B. Jones

Like it or not, Lawrence B. Jones has become an important figure in the mainstream media. As someone right wing media can turn to offer up a Black perspective, with a conservative slant, Jones position must be acknowledged—not unlike that of Candace Owens. On top of that, he’s had experience in both media and politics, making him someone who possibly has visions of using his current platform for a bigger vision down the road.

Currently, Jones work as an anchor on “Fox & Friends,” will make him one of the more familiar faces in mainstream media. “Fox & Friends” has a large, daily and loyal audience, making those anchor chairs highly sought after. As one of, if not the, first permanent Black host on that show, Jones has the power, and the responsibility, to provide his viewers with the facts and well-informed opinions they need to know. As we’ve seen though, particularly on Fox News, what is considered a fact is sometimes up for debate.

While it’s difficult to quantify exactly what Jones’ impact on the Black community in America has been or will be, it probably won’t be small. Remember, he’s just 30 years old and he’s an anchor for one of the most politically influential networks and morning programs in the country. He may have decades available to him to continue spreading whatever message he wants his audience to know. And while the jury book may still be out on what that message is, as long as he’s in the Fox News chair he sits in today, that message is almost assured it won’t fall on deaf ears.

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