The Best Black-Owned Streaming Services

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Black-Owned Streaming Services Are Heating Up!

Constantly, people of color are not accurately or authentically represented in media. This is largely due to a lack of diversity among those who produce content and own the platforms we watch content on, very few of which are black-owned streaming services. To promote more inclusion of Black voices, we wanted to take a second and highlight a few streaming services owned by Black founders so you can enjoy a variety of different content from creators with backgrounds that reflect YOUR experiences and go beyond the Hulu’s and Netflix’s of the world.

So we compiled a list of the best Black-owned streaming services for cord-cutters. We know how important it is to support businesses owned and operated by people of color, and so this was something we just had to do. So, whether you are looking for a streaming service that offers movies, TV shows, or digital series, we have you covered. Check out our list:


Kweli TV is a streaming service that celebrates black indie films, documentaries, web series, and children’s programming. It was founded by DeShuna Spencer and provides a platform for black creators to share their work. As a former journalist, DeShuna knows the importance of accurately representing people of color in the media. The streaming service also hosts events with filmmakers and strives to promote diversity and inclusion through Kweli Deals. Spencer started KweliTV because she was frustrated with the lack of diversity in TV shows and movies. She wanted more content that focused on issues important to her, and she was starving for educational documentaries and global black history.

KweliTV is available on:
Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Roku, Android TV. Xfinity, Cox, DistroTV, Chromecast, and Apple Airplay

Black on Purpose Television Network (BOPTV)

Black on Purpose TV is a streaming network created in response to the negative images of people of color often portrayed in the media. The network features 16 channels of quality television that bring both pride and encouragement to people of color worldwide. The network is based on self-empowerment and inclusion, and content is welcomed from everyone, as long as people of color are not negatively portrayed. BOPTV provides a much-needed platform for people of color to see themselves positively represented in the media. The network is operated by Michael Campbell, who has long been committed to the promotion of Black voices.

Available on:
Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV.


Polaris is a streaming service founded by Rahman J. Dukes and is exclusively available on the VIZIO’s SmartCast platform. The channel aims to show the story of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color through authentic, relevant material that reflects the soul of black culture. Due to the lack of diversity among those who produce content, people of color are often not accurately or authentically represented, but Polaris provides a more reflective storytelling experience with original, meaningful content.

“Polaris aims to be a beacon of inspiration for the culture, and VIZIO will allow our curated content to truly be that beacon and help us deliver authentic programming to millions of households.” – Rahman J. Dukes to AfroTech.

Although they are new, with only a few original series streaming, Polaris has potential to be one of the better Black-owned streaming services, as it has been at the forefront of tackling original content with a critical lens.

Available on:
VIZIO SmartCast


BlackOakTV (which is the publisher of this blog!) is a streaming service founded by Uzo Ometu and Iyanu Obidele. The platform seeks to provide a space for Black creatives to share their work and offer a more diverse perspective in the media landscape. Since its inception, BlackOakTV has garnered a following among Black audiences by focusing on original content from up-and-coming TV, film and digital creators, largely Black creators from YouTube and TikTok.

Uzo, the CEO, is an aspiring media leader who created BlackOakTV to provide a platform for underrepresented voices. His goal is to use the service to showcase Black creatives’ work and give a more complete and accurate portrayal of people of color in the media. Thanks to its commitment to rising Black storytellers, BlackOakTV is quickly becoming a popular choice for those looking for original content from groundbreaking Black filmmakers and creators.  

Features of BlackOakTV include: 

  • A variety of original content created by black creators.
  • Shows reflecting the unique experiences and perspectives of the black community. 
  • Fresh new content every single week. 
  • And soon to come, the ability to connect with your TV watching friends on the platform!

BlackOakTV is available on:
iOS, Android, Roku, and Amazon Firestick, Chromecast and Apple Airplay 

In Conclusion

While all of these black-owned streaming services have excellent programming, BlackOakTV differentiates itself when it comes to original content. In just their first year, they’ve put out 15 original black TV shows, all of which have starred and featured black actors, black actresses, and most importantly black stories. So if you’re looking for a black-owned streaming service to give a chance, give any of these services a try, but be sure to check out BlackOakTV if you’re looking for new and original content from your black-owned streaming service! 

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