Top 10 Best Shows on BET Plus

Bigger, A Top BET Plus Show

Streaming services have become more diverse than ever and BET+ has been a full participant in the growth in diversity. A marathon binger can watch everything from lighthearted romantic comedies to thrilling thrillers on this new service from parent company, and Redstone family-controlled, Paramount.

So grab some snacks and snuggle up with someone you love. Here are a few of our favorite shows currently available on BET+.

The Ms. Pat Show

The Ms. Pat Show was inspired by comedian Patricia “Ms. Pat” Williams’ autobiographical memoir Rabbit – The Autobiography of Ms. Pat. Ms. Pat, a former drug dealer turned comedian who lives with her family in a suburban suburb, trades the big city life of Atlanta for the quiet suburban life of Plainfield, Ind., in the BET Plus Original series. In keeping with the series’ inspiration, The Ms. Pat Show tackles serious social commentary, from racism to domestic violence to LGBTQ+ issues, with care but a sense of irreverence.  

Created By: Jordan E. Cooper, Patricia “Ms. Pat” Williams
Starring: J. Bernard Calloway, Patricia Williams, Tami Roman


A single Black woman named Layne Roberts (Tanisha Long) who is facing the threat of marriage to a boring man in bed, is the protagonist of this series set in the East Atlanta neighborhood of Little Five Points. Nevertheless, the sudden and unexpected death of a college acquaintance drove her group of friends to question their stagnant lives, and question if there is something bigger and better out there for them to pursue. Unfortunately, the series came to an end after Season 2, but it’s still available to watch on BET Plus.

Created By: Felischa Marye
Starring: Tanisha Long, Tristen J. Winger, Angell Conwell


Ruthless is a spin-off of Tyler Perry’s The Oval. It tells the story of a girl named Ruth entangled in a cult of powerful, sex-crazed fanatics. It is only by cooperating with the group that Ruth and her daughter Callie can escape the dire situation they now face.

Directed By: Tyler Perry
Starring: Jaime Callica, Melissa L. Williams, Blue Kimble

First Wives Club

The series, set in New York City, follows three Black women who come together after their marriages fall apart, evocative of the 1990s movie of the same name. They seek comfort in one another as well ason their former partners.

Hazel (Jill Scott) is an aging R&B singer who struggles with the notion that she is past her prime from the music industry and her producer husband (played by Malik Yoba). As Michelle Buteau’s character, Bree’s marriage falls apart, her best friends from college, Ari (Ryan Michelle Bathe) and Bree, come to her aid, and the two stick together in their journey through life.

Created By: Tracy Oliver
Starring: Jill Scott, Ryan Michelle Bathe, Michelle Buteau

Miss Virginia

In 1996, Virginia Walden Ford tried to accomplish an ordinary task against improbable odds. A single mother of a teenage son tried her best to steer him away from the temptations of easy drug money on the streets and focus on his education, but the D.C. public school system failed them both. 

Ford learned the financial challenges of keeping him in private school after enrolling him, like many working-class families, and questions why Black parents have so little recourse when it comes to their children’s education. 

In the movie Miss Virginia starring Emmy winner Uzo Aduba, the story of the subsequent fight by Walden Ford for school choice and passage of the nation’s inaugural Opportunity Scholarship Program is told in detail.

Directed by: R.J. Daniel Hanna
Starring: Niles Fitch, Uzo Aduba, Amirah Vann, Vanessa Williams

Angrily Ever After

The character of Tia Logan (Jasmine Burke) is a woman with it all! WBX DC’s morning anchor is set to wed DC’s most eligible bachelor in a week, transforming their beautiful house into their happy home. This lovely lady is every man’s dream and every woman’s objective. 

Tia sees her man walking across the street with his ex just days before her wedding, while she is at her final dress fitting. All hell breaks loose and within 24 hours, Tia loses her fiancé, her house, and her job. What will she do? Can she find her happy ending or are fairy tales just for kids?

Directed By: Terri J. Vaughn
Starring: Tyrone Marshall Brown, T’Rhonda Jones, Jasmine Burke

Holiday Heist

Devin (Tobias Truvillion) is a former jewel thief who connives his way into a sales job at a family-owned jewelry store, but when the owner’s daughter, Jade (Chaley Rose), steals his heart, he must choose between love and money.

Directed by: Roger M. Bobb
Starring: Tobias Truvillion, Chaley Rose, Phillip Edward Van Lear

Tyler Perry’s Bruh

Tyler Perry’s Bruh is a spinoff of Tyler Perry’s Sistas, in which four Atlanta best friends navigate their love and professional lives as eligible young bachelors. Tyler Perry’s productions are known for their inconsistent tone. But that’s what makes them so interesting. 

While the show is dealing with workplace harassment in one scene, it switches to soap opera theatrics in another. Next, Chandra Currelley-Young plays the aggressive cougar role brilliantly as Alice Watts (played by former S.O.S. band member Alice Watts).  

Directed By: Tyler Perry
Starring: Monti Washington, Phillip Mullings Jr, Mahdi Cocci

Swag Inc

David and AJ are best friends who are expert daters and they are about to cash in on their “Swag.” David works as a waiter at a high-end country club and AJ is a mailroom worker at a startup company. Despite having game, these guys don’t have any dough. 

They decide to create an app to show other men how to attract women. Could this be their chance to finally get the lifestyle they’ve always wanted, and the two girls they’ve never been able to find, or will they be broke and single for the rest of their lives?

Directed By: Chris Stokes
Starring: Masika Kalysha, Carnetta Jones, Tiesheko Houston

Dark Money

One of BET Plus’ most unique original series is the U.K. production Dark Money. A limited series that originally aired on BBC, this drama tackled the serious subject of sexual abuse. 

As a result of a blockbuster film starring a young British boy, it’s been revealed that he was sexually abused by a popular producer. The series examines what happens after parents accept hush money and the downward spiral that results. 

Directed By: Lewis Arnold
Starring: Babou Ceesay, Susan Wokoma, Jill Halfpenny

Is BET Plus Your Best Option For Black TV Shows?

In just a few years, BET Plus has more than just regurgitated old programming from BET (Black Entertainment Television). It has also been building its own original portfolio of television series and movies created primarily by Black creators. 

At $9.99 per month, the subscription service has also maintained a balance in the types of content available, something BET viewers have complained about over the past decade. BET Plus offers a wide selection of great episodic series, and we’ll show you a few of our favorites.

However, if maybe you’ve decided to pinch some pennies and cancel your BET Plus subscription, and you’re looking for more entertainment from up-and-coming black creators, actors and actresses, then we hope you’ll check out (the cheaper) BlackOakTV, which is full of original programming from some of your favorite TV, film and digital creators. You can watch their black TV shows, movies, documentaries and more at

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