How to Cancel BET Plus

Woman cancelling her BET Plus subscription

If you’re looking to cancel your subscription with BET Plus because they’ve cancelled one of your favorite BET Plus shows, the best place to start is with their website or the application to which you originally subscribed to the Black streaming service. Below, we have instructions on how to unsubscribe from the service based on the application you used to sign up.

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1. BET Plus Website

Go to the BET Plus website and log into your account.

From there, click on the “gear” icon to access the settings section of the site.

At that point, you’ll be see the status of your subscription. Assuming you haven’t already unsubscribed, you will be able to click “manage subscription”, then “cancel”, and then reaffirm the fact that you would like to cancel your subscription to BET+.

2. BET Plus on Amazon

If you signed up for BET+ through Amazon Prime Video Channels, then you will have to cancel the account by going to your Amazon account.

You can start by going to you Amazon account page, and from there you can select “Amazon Prime Video” from the Digital content and devices section.

At that point, you can click on “Channels”, which should then lead to a list of streaming services that you have signed up for. Once you find the line with BET Plus on it, you can click the “Cancel Channel” link that is located to the right of it.

In an attempt to keep you as a subscriber, Amazon will ask you if you actually want to cancel. Assuming you do, just click “Turn off auto renew”, and you will have cancelled your subscription to BET Plus.

3. Apple Devices

If you subscribed to BET Plus using one of your Apple devices (iPhone or iPad), then you can cancel by going to “Settings” app on your device.

At that point, you can select your account and then press “Subscriptions” to see everything that you are subscribed to.

At that point, you should see BET+ listed as one of your subscriptions.

Simply press “Cancel Subscriptions” and then confirm, and you’ll be good to go!

4. Google

If you want to know how to cancel your BET Plus subscription that you got through Google, then Google actually has a workflow for you to do all of this.

Go to their Google Play Help page, where Google will actually to log-in and/or confirm your personal account with them.

The next step will show you a list of the subscriptions you are signed for through Google. Select BET+ and then click “Continue”.

Now Google will show you details about your subscription, including your next renewal date. Once you’re ready, click “Cancel Subscription”, and you’re done.

5. BET Plus via Roku

Cancelling your BET Plus subscription you got through Roku is probably best done through their website.

Start by going to “Manage Your Subscriptions” and log into your account.

Click “Manage your subscriptions” and then select BET+. At that point, you can then select “Turn off auto-renew”.

Roku will ask you to give a reason for the cancellation, but that’s not mandatory.

Cancelling BET Plus

By completing one of the aforementioned set of steps to cancel your BET Plus subscription, you will be able to free up some of your funds. However, if you are doing this to save money before your free trial is up, act fast, because you must cancel a day before the conclusion of your free-trial to assure you don’t get charged.

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